Brian Barbieri
Member since August 2016

Self taught photographer: I shoot people as they reveal themselves in their environments; as someone who has always questioned their place in the world I take interest in how people fit in and create their own worlds. Most of my photographs are stand developed, monochromatic film processed and printed by the artist.

B.S. Political Science, Metropolitan State College of Denver; MA TESOL, The New School, New York

© Brian Barbieri, ‘untitled’


Screen Printer
Member since 2011

Love of printing, community and camaraderie brought me to the New Orleans Community Print Shop where all this magic happens!  I illustrate and print posters and zines inspired by femmes, queers, love, fantasy, science fiction and everything else.
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© Kiernan Dunn


Screen Printer & Photographer
Member since April 2014

i’m a fan of folks who make art that raises the collective consciousness. i also like showing folks how to make art in our space.

printing tedn fans square

City Park, 2100 (2016)

© Anthony Ford, ‘City Park, 2100’ (2016)


Photographer, mixed media
Member since October 2015

Morgan’s work explores the fragility of intimacy through exposures spanning the hours between the liminal and subliminal.  She seeks to create an environment where objects hold a weight that is greater than their physical mass and spaces transcend the tangible.  Morgan earned her BFA with a concentration in photography from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2010.



© Lara Morgan from ‘Pendulum Still’

Member since June 2015

Chrystal Lea Nause moved to NOLA from rural Southern Illinois to pursue a freelance photography career.  She currently serves as an Administrative Member and oversees web and social media presence, issues the monthly newsletter, and creates press releases for Printshop events.

Nause’s work explores feelings of isolation, loneliness, depression, and anxiety through landscape and narrative tableau.  She navigates these periods of unknowing with large-format photography, drawing inspiration from vintage cinematography in both lighting and gesture.  Nause is an award winning photographer and has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

She earned her Bachelor’s degrees in 2005 (Photography, Administration of Justice) and her Physical Anthropology Master’s degree in 2010 from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

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© Chrystal Lea Nause from ‘In Remembrance’

Member since 2013


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