Fall 2016 Membership Drive Poster by Anthony Ford

The New Orleans Community Printshop and Darkroom is currently accepting NEW MEMBERS!  From September thru October 2016, the Printshop is conducting a Fall 2016 Membership Drive.  During the Drive, application fees will be waived and preliminary volunteer hours required to apply will be reduced to 10 hrs (from 16 hrs).

Why join our collective?

  • Become a part of a supportive printing and photo facility
  • Grow your connections to a local artist community
  • 24 hour key access (Key, Volunteer, and Administrative Members)
  • UNLIMITED emulsion, ink, shop screen usage, black & white darkroom, offset litho press, and workspace
  • Flat file & paper storage
  • ‘Members Only’ storage areas for your supplies
  • Be featured in our NEW MEMBER SHOW!
  • Members are given preference for gallery exhibitions, at no rental charge
  • Sell your work in art markets at our Printshop table
  • Workshop discounts
  • Plan programming for the Printshop (artist talks, fundraisers, workshops, events)
  • Contract printing referrals (these materials are not included in Membership fees)
  • Employment opportunities (i.e., grant writer)

So How Do I Become A Member?

  1. Fill out an application (Application for Membership)
  2. Return your completed application at Open Shop, the monthly Volunteer Interest & Members Meeting (1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30p), or email it to
  3. Please stop by Open Shop or the next Volunteer Interest & Members Meeting to schedule your prerequisite 16 hours of volunteer work.  All applicants (except Supporting and Open Shop Members) are required to volunteer 16 hours before being accepted into the collective.  This is required even if you choose the Key Member level and never volunteer again.  This benefits both you and the shop – everyone gets to know one another and you will better understand our operations.
  4. ‘Applications for Membership’ are voted upon at each Volunteer Interest & Members Meeting.  All necessary requirements must be fulfilled, including application submission and completion of 16 volunteer hours before voting can take place.
  5. If your application to become a Member is accepted, we will contact you and arrange for you to collect your keys!  If you are applying to be a Volunteer Member, we will work with you to find the best job for you, register you for an orientation and/or membership training, and schedule you for the current month’s volunteer hours.
  6. All new Members are required to pay a Joining Fee of $50 (non-refundable) and a deposit of $100 (returned upon resigning from the Printshop in ‘Good Standing’).  Please see ‘Application for Membership’ for more details on ‘Good Standing’ requirements.

If you have interest or questions, please email us at (subject: Membership Question).