We are members of an artist collective who offer a shared community arts space located at 1201 Mazant street, New Orleans, LA.

Public Hours & Open Shop: Tuesday & Thursday 6pm – 10pm
Gallery Hours: 2nd Saturday of each month 6pm – 10pm

Since 2009, the New Orleans Community Printshop has participated in community outreach for youth and adults in the New Orleans area.  We are a non-profit organization committed to enriching the experiences and skills of new and seasoned print makers and photographers alike.

We commit to:

1. Provide the New Orleans community with public access to affordable printmaking equipment, training, and services.

2. Provide a supportive print community for the volunteers and members to grow their artistic practice during non-public print shop hours.

3. Increase awareness and exposure of print media and contemporary printmaking.

4. Help independent artists and entrepreneurs grow their business through screen-printing.

5. Provide adult education, youth education, and outreach to communities with low-access to arts education.