We are a collectively organized space that runs on the hard work of its members, the space functions on 100% volunteer labor. All decision making happens on a collective level and all shop developments are the fruits of self-organization and individual ambition.

Interested in joining?

Come by the shop during open shop hours (THURS 6-10pm) and ask a member or come to our monthly members meeting the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm.

Members work 12 hours/month at the shop, pay $50/month in dues and are required to go to the monthly meeting.

If interested in becoming a member, come to an open shop and talk to a member to start volunteering. Before becoming a member, new folks are asked to do 12 hours of volunteer work. After which, at the next monthly meeting, new members will be voted into the collective.

Once voted in, new members will be given a key for 24 hour access to the space!

Do I have to volunteer to be a member?

No, you can pay $150/month, you will get a key and are not required to go to monthly meetings.