Open Shop

OPEN SHOP is every Thursday from 6pm-9:30pm. Check our Instagram for updates and last minute changes.


To screenprint, just bring in an image printed on transparency (can be done at Fedex Office, the Community Photocopier at Crescent City Books, or we can scan and print it at the shop for you for $5) or a drawing on transparency/tracing paper (don’t use sharpie, an opaque ink pen like Micron or India Ink works well).  If you already have a screen, you can coat it with our emulsion for $7, otherwise you can rent screens for the night for $7 and can use a cup of ink for $8!  (And if you aren’t able to finish printing in just one open shop, we can hold your screen until the next open shop for $5).

Please allow at least 1.5 hours to print your transparency, burn your screen, and print, and arrive early enough to give yourself time to complete your project and clean up. Members are available to assist you as much as you need. We have some black and white tees available for purchase for $5 each in sizes S-XL.


Come process black and white film ($5/roll) and develop prints in our darkroom, for $7/hour. Prices include all chemicals! We have a limited supply of darkroom paper ($1/sheet), so we encourage you to bring your own. Members are available to assist you as much as you need!