Open Shop


To screenprint, just bring in an image printed on transparency (can be done at Kinko’s or the Community Photocopier at Crescent City Books) or a drawing on transparency/tracing paper (not sharpie, an ink pen like Micron or India Ink pen, must be opaque).  If you already have a screen, you can coat it with our emulsion for $5, otherwise you can rent screens for the night for $7 and can use a cup of ink for $5!  (And if you aren’t able to finish printing in just one open shop, you can rent a screen until the next open shop for $5.)


Come process black and white film ($5/roll) and develop prints in our darkroom, for $7/hour. Prices include all chemicals! We have a limited supply of darkroom paper ($1/sheet), so we encourage you to bring your own. Members are available to assist you as much as you need!