Screen Rental

Due to open shop closing down for a while due to COVID, we’ve decided to start a screen rental program. We’ll burn your design on to a screen, then provide you with the supplies you’ll need to print it at home. Rentals last one week, and prices are as follows:

  • $10 for the burned screen plus a squeegee
  • $5 for transparency 16″x12″ ($1 for every 2 inches over 12″)
  • $6 for 6oz. of ink
  • Deposits are: $40 for the screen and an additional $20 for a squeegee
  • If you already have a screen, the cost to burn an image is $5 and there is a one week turnaround.


To begin, we’ll be offering three screens a week on a first-come, first-serve basis. First pickups will be at the shop on Thursday, August 20th from 6 – 7:30pm.

Two things to note : 

1) If you return a damaged screen, you will not get your deposit back.  This includes holes in the fabric, ink that has been left on to dry, or broken frames. 

2) If you’d like us to burn two images, they will both need to be smaller than 8″x11″ to fit on a single screen. Any bigger and you’ll need to rent a second screen ($10).


1.  Reserve a slot by clicking here!

2. Email your artwork and sizing info to with the subject line “Screen Rental Design”.  Please make sure you do this before Thursday so we have time to confirm the file works and burn to the screen.

3. Pick it up! Remember to wear a mask and bring deposit + rental fees. Venmo or Paypal is easiest, but cash works too.



How do I scan my artwork?
If you’ve got a scanner, great! Make sure you’re scanning at at least 300dpi.   If you have a smartphone, Adobe Scan  is free and does a great job of removing shadows with the phone flashlight.  If you have some other kind of camera, that will work too, but beware of shadows and glare! A couple lamps should do the trick. Or, if you’re outdoors, finding a patch of shade where the light is nice and even.

What is “sizing”?
When we get your image file, we’ll crop it down to just the artwork.  Then we’ll need to resize it before printing to transparency. How big do you want to print? (Keep in mind that our screens are limited to (roughly) 13″ x 8″.  Also make sure you’ve read the above note : if you’ve got two images, they both need to be smaller than 8″x11″ to fit on a single screen. Any bigger and you’ll need to rent a second screen. )

What inks do you have?
We can’t promise much more than black and white, though you’re welcome to snag something from the rack (see above.)

I want to get my deposit back! What’s the best way to take care of my screen & squeegee?
To receive your full deposit back, screen and squeegee must be returned in good shape. If you have leftover ink that you don’t want, we’ll take that back and reuse it too.

Screen Care
  • When storing or traveling, keep the mesh part of the screen from touching anything or bearing weight- it can tear or come loose from the screen
  • Ink dries FAST, especially in hot weather. Don’t let ink stay on the screen while you’re not actively printing. A thin layer of ink can dry out in just a minute or two and ruin the screen
  • To clean, use a rubber spatula to remove excess ink, then wipe down using a wet rag and hose/shower head. Remove tape around the edges of the screen. There should be no visible ink on the emulsion, and you should be able to see light through the mesh everywhere there is not emulsion. Make sure to remove ink from the corners and frame, too.
Squeegee Care
  • Don’t let ink dry on squeegee
  • To clean, use a wet rag on the rubber edge and wood handle, making sure to get in all the cracks and crevices
What about hinges? 
Hinges allow you to affix one end of the screen to a board or table so that you can lift and lower the screen in the same spot every time. It also works to have a friend hold the screen in place while you’re printing! We’re not currently renting out hinges, so if you want to buy a pair click here to check out the kind we use.